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Why We Should Opt for Sustainable Logistics Practices


Sustainable logistics refer to the reduction of the ecological footprint of tasks, such as CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and accidents. In this sense, logistics suppliers must look for a balance between financial growth, environmental care, and the health of society.

Being a provider of trucking services in Dallas, Texas, we understand that the transportation industry is one of the major contributors to global pollution and we are one of the many that is making a change one step at a time.

As our step toward more sustainable efforts, we at Hallmark Trucking LLC focus on ensuring the safety and wellness of our drivers, their vehicles, and you, our clients.

Frank Appel, CEO of DHL, shares that sustainability is an essential issue for logistics. According to Appel, “clients all over the world are increasingly demanding more environmental-friendly logistics.”

To meet the demands of our clients, we make sure to face sustainable alternatives that can help us become more efficient with our service as a trucking operator recruitment in Longview, Texas. It is our goal to improve transport efficiency by lowering expenses and their impact on the environment.

The 4R strategy is also of utmost importance. This strategy optimizes the use of resources and gets rid of those which aren’t necessary, thus reducing waste, reusing when possible, and recovering to avoid squandering resources.

We also make it a point to educate our trucking drivers in Houston, Texas, so that they, too, can participate in our efforts into becoming a more sustainable option for our clients.

Day by day, we strive to become a better provider of trucking owners recruitment in Houston, Texas. If you want to become part of the change, feel free to get in touch with us at 346-327-7900.

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