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Safety Hold/Out of Service

While on SAFETY HOLD, you are not allowed to be dispatched. If you are placed OUT-OF-SERVICE, you may NOT operate your CMV under the authority of Hallmark Trucking LLC until all violations have been corrected, and all proof of repairs has been submitted to and approved by Hallmark Trucking LLC.

SAFETY HOLD– Required paperwork such as Monthly Maintenance Reports or logs that have not been received under the requirements and regulations of the FMCSA.

OUT OF SERVICE– Issues related to your driver’s license, physical equipment, or serious safety issues prohibit the driver from allowing the equipment or operator to move on a public though fare.

Monthly Service and Maintenance Records

Every calendar month, the driver or owner of the equipment must furnish a record of repairs, lubrication, and tire repair or replacement performed during the preceding 30 days. Owner-operators, drivers, or fleet owners are tor record the date of each repair and description of the repair. The completed report must be submitted to Hallmark Trucking LLC by the 1st of the following month. Owners are also required to provide Hallmark Trucking LLC with the preventative maintenance schedule/Intervals for their equipment.

The following items MUST be provided on the Monthly Maintenance Report to be accepted and considered valid.

  • Owners name and period reported
  • Tractor and Trailer number as assigned by the carrier
  • Accurate Odometer Reading
  • Itemized listing all repairs or services completed during the reporting period
  • Copies of Receipts for parts and labor used to complete the repairs or service
  • Tread Depths for all tires

Reporting of Roadside Inspections and Violations

All drivers are required to contact the safety department within 24 hours when you have received a roadside inspection or obtain from any local, state, or federal enforcement officer. OUT OF SERVICE VIOLATIONS MUST REPORT IMMEDIATELY.

Drivers are required under FMCSR PART 396.9 (d) (1) to submit the inspection report or copy of the citation to the Safety Department within 24 hours of the occurrence along with a copy of their log and DVIR. In accordance with FMCSR PART 396.9 {d} {1} and (2). The safety department is required to review the inspection or citation, certify the repairs have been completed, and sign and return to the state agency that issued the inspection.

If the Safety Department received a non-compliance notification from the issuing agency, and Hallmark Trucking LLC internal records do not reflect the report of inspection or citation from the driver, will be found as non-compliance and will be subjected to possible termination of the lease following vehicle maintenance policy.

Out of Service Violations

Hallmark Trucking LLC requires the driver of the CMV who has been placed out of service to immediately contact the safety department to report the OUT OF SERVICE status. The safety department (if repairs have been completed and verified) will provide the operator/ driver with a release to continue the operation of the CMV.

Safety Awareness

  • Making sure van and trailer drivers comply with cargo securement regulations.
  • Proper securement techniques
  • Working load limit and aggregate working load limit standards
  • Determining the number of tie-downs
  • When to re-examine and adjust cargo
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Cargo distribution
  • Securement devices
  • Re-checking cargo
  • Personal safety

Flatbed Safety Tips

  1. Roadside Safety- Avoid tarping or re-securing loads on the side of a roadway. Rest stops and parking lots are the ideal places to make sure your load is covered and secured correctly, due to the reduced risk of being struck by a distracted driver.
  2. Securing Loads- Pre-trip inspections may seem tedious but are very necessary. Don’t just go through the motions when doing your pre-trip inspection, as you may overlook a worn tie-down or bungee that could break – causing harm to you or others around you.
  3. Slips, Trips, & Falls -Invest in non-slip footwear. Many injuries occur when a driver or employee lose their footing and fall from a flatbed trailer. It may come as a surprise to you that you’re not as agile as you once were, so awareness of your footing should be a priority.

Drayage Safety Awareness

  • Typical hazards regarding freight containers in ports
  • Structural failure due to lack of maintenance and wear and tear
  • Structural failure due to overloading, misdeclared weight, uneven or shifted loads
  • Falls from a height while working with containers
  • Crush injuries during container maneuvering and movements
  • Exposure to fumigants used during transit or chemicals given off by cargo that may build up during transit


  • Before leaving any facility, you need to double-check your tires. DO NOT leave knowing your tires are bad. Please inspect all tires from the truck, trailer, chassis, Dry Van.
  • If you notice something is broken from a flatbed, dry van, or chassis that you are leasing to us, you need to report this immediately.

Maintenance Alert

Hallmark Trucking does not pay for maintenance or tires. However, we know things can happen. We will pay for ONE tire for one year. If it happens again, Hallmark will evaluate the situation and determine if this was a driver error.