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The Factors That Influence Shipping Prices


If you are a customer who frequents house deliveries for your purchases, you may have well asked why the shipping costs are the way they are. Let knowledgeable trucking drivers in Houston, Texas can shed some clarity for you.

Here are the main factors that have an impact on shipping costs.

  • The labor market for drivers
    As providers of Trucking Operator Recruitment in Longview, Texas we’ll be first to tell you that competition among carriers for truck drivers can have an upward impact on transportation costs.
  • State regulations
    Government regulations like customs and duties regulations can also add to your total shipping costs.
  • Fuel or energy costs
    As fuel prices fall, container ships and cargo trucks become cheaper to operate and the prices go down. The distance is also a factor. The farther the destination the more fuel is needed.
  • Vehicle capacities
    The bigger the cargo, the higher the costs. Not all trucks are entirely adequate for different kinds of cargo which will demand more planning.
  • Geopolitical events
    We’re an interconnected world; international events may very well affect you right now. Port closures elsewhere in the world, for example, can tighten the noose and translate to higher pricing.

For trucking owners recruitment in Houston, Texas that can secure your business with reliable drivers to transport your goods and more, please phone Hallmark Trucking LLC today. We do international and domestic deliveries.

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