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accident sketch

Accident Checklist

Call 911 – Report the accident
– Report injuries of any person involved
Remain at the scene – Remain calm & stay in a safe place- Activate hazard lights
Exchange information Use the enclosed forms to exchange contact information
Use your smartphone to document the scene – Record the accident scene (road conditions, street signs, lights, etc.)
-Record damage to the vehicles
– Record license plates and insurance information
DO NOT admit fault – Even if you are at fault, do not admit it
– Do not discuss coverage or limits
Report all accidents to QEO as soon as possible -Report accidents even if no one is hurt
– Report accidents even if the damage appears minor

Who to Call

First, call QEO Insurance & then call Safety.
QEO’s Claim professionals are available to help 24/7 in the event of an accident.

Claim Reporting Methods

  • Call 1-844-736–0009
  • Send an email to Claims@QEO.com
  • Download the QEO app to use GPS accident-location tracking

Accidents/ Incidents/Small or Big

If you get into an accident, please report this immediately. Do not hesitate even if the DOT officer is there. Please call this in ASAPp to the insurance for they can start working on it asap.

  • If you hit something by accident has small as you may think, please report that this can save a lot of time in the future.
  • Do not hesitate to make that CALL!!
  • Report to QEO.
  • Call safety at Hallmark.

How to reduce the risks?

All of these can be reduced by proper planning of work and training of workers. Before any work tasks are carried out, the relevant risks should be identified through risk assessment and appropriate control measures put in place to protect against them.

Flatbed trailers are used to haul loads that do not fit well in dry goods vans. Consequently, cargo on the back of a flatbed trailer does not enjoy the same protection offered by four walls and a roof. Drivers have to take the responsibility of protecting cargo themselves, using truck tarps and other cargo control supplies to protect what they are hauling.